About me

My Story

My name is Nahlienne Rafael, I was born in Curacao.

Ever since I was young, the most common word used to describe me was "sensitive." My ability to empath, the feelings and intentions of others were both a powerful gift and an inundating challenge. My energetic abilities became increasingly painful and scary. But I knew I always wanted to be in the helping field to people in pain or in difficult situations. After being a banker for 25 years I chose to follow my heart. To open my own wellness practice and to give the best version of myself by guiding others through this wonderful journey called Life. I am a clairvoyant, empathetic certified UWTH Level 4 therapist and UWTH level 1 teacher. Through the healing sessions which may combine Energy healing and Intuitive counseling, you will be guided to Inner peace, Balance and Healing.


Why the name ATALANTA?

Atalanta is the name of a beautiful butterfly. Butterflies and flowers have a strong connection. And... Humans are like flowers... We all come in different shapes, sizes and colors...

We both live and We both die.

We are both unique in many ways. 

Butterflies contribute to thriving ecosystem and can indicate the state of an ecosystem's health (Atalanta). When a Butterfly lands on a flower... the Butterfly pollinates the flower with pollen. Pollination allows plants to reproduce by producing seeds. 

This magical occurance is the beauty.