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"Ik heb gedurende 3 maanden verschillende vorm van healing gehad. Atalanta heeft me geleerd dat alles bij mezelf begin #selflove.De innerlijke rust die ik heb mogen ervaren is iets dat ik elke dag toe pas door te mediteren. De handoplegging en koppelmedidtatie is zeker een aanrader! Atalanta Healing is een begrip geworden in mijn leven. Nahlienne keep doing the one thing you do best,because there are a bunch of people out there who needs to be Healed and guided." 🦋

Ornella Coffi

A lotus in a pond
"Nahlienne Rafael: She has a gifted talent, to feel when the ones around her are down and are in need of words of encouragement or a push to continue on the right path. She is a guide in helping others to reach their goals based on motivation and consciousness.She will shake you up, to wake you up. Especially if you're in a slum and is not giving yourself the chance to achieve your goals or dreams." 

Jacqueline Kwidama

Lotus in Bloom
"I was suffering from depression and had been grieving for years not knowing the reason. I decided to do a healing session with Nahlienne. I was admittedly a bit skeptical prior to our session, but ended up blown away by it.I've since had multiple healing sessions with Nahlienne which helped me to  understand where my depression and grief came from. She also helped me to remember who I am and discover my true essence in life. I am still learning, but I enjoy the new ME. I'm so thankful for Nahlienne's work and can only emphasize how gifted she is as a healer". ✨💜

Sheritza Stroop

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